This is a project by FoxDelta Project Team


This project is based on a PIC18F4520 Micro Controller.

It uses 6 A/D inputs of processor for measurement of sensor information.

Following basic concept is implement in MPSSC Firmware and PC Software:


1. 2x16 LCD Display

2. 6 Sensor Channels

3. Use any sensors generating 0-2.5V (or 5V)

4. Easy configuration/Calibration of Sensors thru Windows Software

5. A Temp Test Board with two Temperature sensors is supplied to start with.

6. 6 Relay Board for External control.

7. Includes a 3 sensor Evaluation Board Partial KIT: (Humidity, Pressure & Temp sensors not included)

8. Free Firmware and PC Software by Tony/I2TZK for Radio Amateurs

9. Data-Logger


PC Software:


Relay Board:

Test Board:

Download Schematic, Firmware and PC Software